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The Viking Agilist

Freedom Beyond Frameworks

Break out of the motions of any given framework and realize value in a sustainable and meaningful way. Learn, share, comment, grow.

David Bjarnson — The Viking Agilist

My Mission

I am here to make your life better by helping you break the mold of your framework and find your own way to a value-rich environment. The help contained in this site is meant to transcend what you do at work; it is meant to help you be an agilist. Someone that is empowered to adapt to change, collaborate with courage, and to improve one's surroundings.

Latest Articles & News

April 21, 2023

The Myth of the Lone Wolf

One of the more popular myths in the tech industry is that of the lone wolf. We highlight the tenacity, persistence, and courage of leaders that build wonderful products that…
Backlog ManagementProductivity
February 25, 2023

Let Go of the Past – Transforming your backlog from a junkyard to an archive

I have been in several different companies, and they have the same approach to their backlog: their backlog is a junkyard of ideas, thoughts, problems, and discussions that happened a…
August 12, 2022

The Dogma of Scrum and What to do About It

A simple google search will tell you that most of the companies focused on software development exercise scrum as their agile framework of choice. But, at this point, scrum is…
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