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There is a difference between doing agile things and being agile. This site exists to help you be agile rather than just doing agile-like things. Learn, share, comment, grow.

David Bjarnson — The Viking Agilist

My Mission

I am here to make your life better by helping you become more Agile rather than just doing agile-based things. The help contained in this site is meant to transcend what you do at work; it is meant to help you be an agilist. Someone that is empowered to adapt to change, collaborate with courage, and to improve one's surroundings.

Agile Up!

Take the next step in your life as you work towards being more agile. Improving can’t start until you know what weaknesses you have. I have a variety of services meant to help you improve your mindset and be able to tackle problems more successfully.

Work Space Assessment

Your works space needs to be optimized to harbor the cultural changes you are trying to implement. Contact me and I can give you a full assessment and design a new space for you.

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Agile Coaching

Maybe you have started an agile transformation, or just considering it. If you would like an objective review of your company and guidance on how to be more agile, let me help!

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Charting Training

Upgrade your charting skills to better capture the crucial processes that drive your business. I’ll show you various chart forms necessary to design technical solutions and enhance your development efforts.

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Learn more about different technical skills that will help you think through complex problems. I offer several e-courses to help you level up your skills and be more effective.

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Take my agile-self assessment and find out how you rank on eight crucial soft skills towards an agile-minded professional.

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Attend a workshop in your area! There are several workshops throughout the year. If you don’t have one near you, take an online workshop, or schedule one for your team.

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